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Our House: A to Z

Dec 23, 2022

It's the final pod of the year!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Pastors Zac and Ashley chat about some fun stuff when they were growing up as well as looking ahead to next year and the excitment it will bring.

But Wait - There's More: A Christmas Bonus - Find a few hidden tracks at the end of today's episode that are certain to...

Dec 16, 2022

Follow up to last week; with a discussion about church stuff.
ALSO- Fair warning: there's no concluing prayer this week.
I don't know why... I'm just the producer, so y'all are on your own for that one.

Topic Ideas -


Dec 9, 2022

Pastors Zac and Ashley discuss Godly order and structure within the family.  Also; as HPC has been going through our "Vantage Point" Sundays, Z&A discuss some of the various terms, definitions as to what HPC is and how it is structured.

To watch replays of Sunday Sermons - visit -...

Dec 2, 2022

Pastors Zac and Ashley discuss traditions & experiences and how they impact the lives of you and your family during the holidays.

Topic Ideas:

Nov 25, 2022

Warning - Details about "The Man In Red" are discussed so if that's a thing for your family, you should probably listen with your earbuds or whatever.

Topic Ideas and other Questions: