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Our House: A to Z

Feb 25, 2022

Where was Pastor Zac's first job as a teenager? Why do we try to make the church look nice? And when will Ashley approve the Our House: A to Z logo'd plush bathrobes to be sold at the HPC Merch Kiosk?

Answers to (some of) these questions are all on this week's episode.

Topic Ideas:

Feb 18, 2022

Is being vulnerable a weakness or a strength?
Is there such a thing as too much transparency? Pastor Zac and Ashley discuss guidelines and how to handle vulnerability and who it may or may not affect.

Book Reference: Danny Silk "Culture Of Honor"  

Church Website:

Feb 11, 2022

Do you say something?  Do you just hope they notice? What if your spouse says something to you? Pastor Zac and Ashley discuss it all, including Zac's amazing talent that may or may not shake the foundation of the house. 

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Feb 4, 2022

Following up to last week's conversation about marriage and how intimacy on various levels can make it all better.

Also: MYSTERY SOLVED - The identiy of the Fall River postman revealed!

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