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Our House: A to Z

Oct 28, 2022

This may not be exactly the Halloween episode you were hoping for, but don't worry Halloween is covered for a minute and there's plenty of spooky (and just plain obsurd) sound effects that have nothing to do with the main topic of today's episode.

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Oct 21, 2022

Much like Bruno, we will not be talking about certain family members haircuts... or else! Also, Pastors Zac and Ashley discuss more of those perhaps confusing, not-as-popular stories from Bible... because there cannot be peace without war!

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Oct 14, 2022

The impromptu series reviewing stories from the Bible that may not be on the "greatest hits" for some, however they are loaded with truth and application for all of us today.  

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Oct 7, 2022

Pastors Zac and Ashley discuss how God has a vested interest the authenticity of your total surrender to Him, and what it means when you choose not to surrender certain areas of your life.

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