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Our House: A to Z

Jun 24, 2022

This one is might require the AirPods if there are kids around, but it's all well within the guidelines set for us as Christians.

It's a good thing Pastors Zac and Ashley are married.
To Each Other.

Topics - Questions: 

Jun 17, 2022

Deeper than the old gross vs. net, Pastors Zac and Ashley discuss the only topic in the Bible where God tells us to test Him!

Questions & Topic Ideas: 

Jun 10, 2022

Do you feel like attending church is similar to going to the pharmacy to pick up a perscription or is where you go to be spiritually nourished?  Pastor Zac and Ashley discuss dealing with the chaos, recognizing the provisions, and consistently moving forward in your walk with the Lord.


Jun 3, 2022

Are you gonna eat that? Pastor Zac & Ashley are talking nutrition today, and it's not that they're dietary experts, rather they're talking about the dietary choices we make with or without thinking, and how we can better care for us individuatlly and our families.

The River Health & Wellness can teach you to use...